Saturday, June 15, 2013

Here goes nothing!

I have attempted to write a blog multiple times. I wrote about my travels and made it through one trip. I wrote about my photography business and I only posed once. While I love traveling and I love my job, my passions are elsewhere. My desire for Mama Manifesto is to discuss life. I will talk about my life, OUR life as a little family of three. I will write about my relationship with God, my Gospel preaching husband and our beautiful baby boy. I will share ideas on decorating, graphic design and homemaking. I feel that my photography will easily fit right into all of these things as I challenge myself to capture our daily lives, so that I don't forget the beautiful moments that are passing by. I invite you to join me, on this adventure into the "blogosphere".Whether you are family back home or a friend I have yet to meet, I would love to hear your feedback and share my heart with you! Have a happy day!

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