Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Living Room

This room is probably my husbands favorite. To say that he was thrilled to move to a town where the outdoor, cabin-y, natural theme was the norm would be an understatement. 

When we walked into this house and I saw the trim I thought. "our furniture will look AWESOME in here!" and I was correct! The wood and slate furniture we have matches so nicely with the wood trim. 

If I had to give this room a design title, it would be naturally calming. I say this because the pale blue walls immediately put me at peace, they are so relaxing. The wood accents, wicker, browns and greens, as well as out art all are natural pieces. 

If you notice, not much furniture is up against the walls. After living in such a small apartment, where everything HAD to be up against walls to even walk through the room, I love the feel os space all around! 

Also, THOSE SKY LIGHTS! I love natural light, and these skylights are so wonderful! I love listening to the rain hit them, and we all love napping in the beam of sunlight they let into our home!

This little baskets resides on Dakotah's crate. It is out catch all and a life saver for that everyday clutter (mail, bobby pins, binkies, wallets, receipts) you name it, it's probably found a home in this basket at one point. It eliminates a pile of junk landing on my kitchen table!

See my sofa table over there? yeah, its not against the couch anymore! I rearranged the other day and I really like it against the wall! It houses our phone, some books, and some of my favorite decorations on the top shelf, our "yard blanket" and James' shoe basket on the first shelf. The rest of the first shelf and middle shelf hold toys for James. I like them back here - not because they are my favorite decorations, but because they have a home, and can be put AWAY at night when he goes to bed and I dont have to look at them!


My "sofa table" is our latest DIY project. We took two cheap Wal-Mart (mainstays) 3 shelf book shelves and placed a 12" board on top, and trimmed it with a cheap trim we found at our local hardware store. Jimmy stained it (and did the rest of the work) and its BEAUTIFUL! It does not have a back, so it just slides on and off, if I want two book cases again, I can have them in two minutes!The blue book in the above photo is our wedding guest book. My mom sliced out all the old pages and fitted it with clean cardstock. All of our guests wrote us a little message and then my mom printed off wedding portraits and placed them throughout. It is one of my favorite things!
This Lamp is form Walmart as well, have you checked out their lamp section? its pretty killer!

Seriously, how amazing are these curtain rods?? Guess where? Yep. Walmart again. 

**NOTE: there is not a target within 300 miles of me, that is why most all of my newer things are WalMart finds!**

The window ledge holds all elk scouting equipment, nicely organized and hidden in another basket!

$2 yard sale oak coffee table find! SCORE of the YEAR!

Thats our living room! One of my favorite spaces, and one that gets ALOT of use!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

House Tour: Before you enter

The long awaited and anticipated house tour has begun!

I decided it just makes sense to start as you pull into our drive way. Our current Home sweet home  Rental sweet Rental is a duplex. It doesn't feel or even really look like one, since we are on a corner lot, and our home and our neighbors home enter from different streets. 

I fell in love with the teal-y color that the outside is painted the moment we pulled up to check out the property. After moving in, we realized that on the side where the house doesn't get much sun, the pain is GREEN. and I mean G.R.E.E.N. I've never been so thankful for sun fading, ha! 

I know you just want photos, so here they are. They aren't too exciting, but I sure do love our little patio and our wonderful yard! 

Isn't our matching dog house the cutest? Jimmy did an awesome job with it, trim and all! (come on sun fading!)

I got the yellow pillows at Target, they are Room Essentials brand. They have had a home in our bedroom, living room, and now, the porch! Think they add a fun pop of color and look great with my flower pot from Walmart.  

cute boy playing in his yard!

This patio set is also from walmart, you can find it here.

Well, thats it! The exterior of our wonderful home!