Saturday, June 22, 2013


Earlier this week, we made a trip back home for James's two month appointment & shots and for my postpartum check up. This trip just confirmed even more how much James is growing and changing. A few short weeks ago when we moved to Minnesota, all our little man did was snooze in the backseat; he was careless and clueless to what we were doing and where we were headed, he just ate and napped. This is not the case any more! He was awake a lot of the time, which is nice to keep him on schedule. We have a great system going since implementing the Babywise technique and if he sleeps all day, then guess who gets to stay up all night!? Instead, He played with Geoffrey and continually pulled his blankie over his face, and every time we pull down the cover on his car seat to block the sun from his face, he hunches over trying to see out. It's Adorable.

There was a severe thunder storm while we were home, we received five inches of rain, which in turn, flooded the roads back to Minnesota. We had to take the scenic route through South Dakota, which I thoroughly enjoyed, minus the 55mph speed limit. (why on earth do we need to go 55 on straight roads? I miss my 70mph Montana highways! ;) James needed to eat so, we decided to make a pit stop at Nicollet Tower. After climbing the stairs, it is beyond obvious that our plan to start Insanity in September is necessary. My calves STILL hurt. Who has sore legs from climbing a few hundred stairs? I'm a sissy :) All in all, it was a great trip, I enjoyed taking the extra time with my little family of three and visiting somewhere we had never been before!

"Ya still there mom?" 

                                                    "Yes, son, mama is still coming with!" :)


...proof of "the chins" and that I survived and faced my fear of heights!

Have a Happy day!



  1. How is babywise working for ya? He's such a handsome little guy.

    1. Thank you! I think he is pretty handsome, too! He looks just like his daddy, its crazy! Babywise is going well, it was rough at first, with all of our traveling we couldn't really get him on a schedule, and just needed sleep whenever we could get it, but he did fall into a 3 hour schedule on his own within the first few days we were home from the hospital! Now that we have got settled a bit, we have the eat, wake, sleep pattern down! It is great knowing what he needs, instead of having to trouble shoot every single time! Thank you so much for referring the book to me! Have you read the other books? I have seen 4 or 5 of them on Amazon! (babywise II, pre-toddler wise, toddler wise, etc.)

  2. Hi Paige! Thanks for commenting on my plate wall:) Your family is beautiful, what great shots of you and your baby against the blue sky! I'd totally be open to talking about working together in the future. Drop me a line and tell me what you had in mind! :) clevernest(at)