Friday, October 25, 2013

Before Duck Dynasty

The popular TV show had over eleven million viewers for it's season four premier. Nearly everyone I know quotes the robertson family and walks around in Duck Dynasty gear. It plasters the aisles of Walmarts across the country. Have you heard of it? If not, you might of fallen off the last "turnip truck through town" as my mom would say....

My husband is a duck hunter. He has owned Duck Commander gear for years. We watched Duck Dynasty from the first episode of season one... when they weren't popular (Season 1: episode 1 had only 1.8 million viwers).

With that said, my husband ALSO wears a beard. I asked him what the top three reasons for wearing a beard are:

1.) It's warm!
2.) It's manly.
3.) It's sexy! 
Bonus: "Because I CAN!"

Now I understand that Duck Dynasty is a great show, we love it just as much as the next family. But **SHOCKER** 

...Beards were around BEFORE the show aired!!

I know, I know, this is hard for some to fathom. Let's be honest people... everyone seems to think that if a man grows a beard, he is OBVIOUSLY trying to be the next Willie, Jase or Uncle Si. 

Now, just to prove my point, I have complied photographs of Jimmy from the past 5 or 6 years. Lo and behold, he sports a BEARD! So for all of you who think my husband is a "wanna-be"... you are wrong. 

His beard is genuinely HIS. 
It is in NO way an attempt to "be like Duck Dynasty"
And he WILL continue to wear one long after the show has lost it's popularity. 

So next time you see a man sporting a bearded face, instead of accusing him of following a fad and being a "wanna-be" realty star imitator; give him some credit and trust that he wears a beard for HIMSELF and not to look "hip". 

This is Jimmy's beard this year, the longest it has been. And he is holding his first wood duck! #proudwife. I love you babe, and truth be told, I love your beard ;)


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