Saturday, November 23, 2013

Slacker & then some

Man oh man, all of you readers are going to think I am a liar who backs out of everything and is unable to commit to a series... I have now failed you all TWICE ( 30x30 challenge and my thankfulness posts for this month) we are in Montana! We went on our first flight with james (as far as being 7 months old goes, he did great!) we made it safely! James is just eating up all this time he gets to spend with his grandparents. And I think they are all pretty happy too ;) jimmy has been hunting and spending some quality time with his dad. I am on my way to a photo session and then a funeral this afternoon.  I am thankful my momma is going with me, funerals are no fun! There is still no snow here, i was hoping we would get to play in some! My dad is going to get m parents Christmas tree today so that I am able to help them decorate it! (Yay!) 

I am in charge of the pumpkin pie for thanksgiving dinner at my aunts, next week. 

James slept for 12.5 hours the other night... I could get used to THAT! ;)

I am rambling on and procrastinating getting out of these yoga pants and into real clothes to go work.... In 3 degree weather... Brrr. 

I hope and pray you all have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones! Upcoming posts to watch for: the completion of my "thirty days of thankfulness" posts, Christmas decorating, a thanksgiving round up and James first plane ride!! 

Until then, enjoy your turkey induced comas :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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