Friday, December 13, 2013

The "Blog" World

Do you ever feel like you know someone I mean REALLY know someone.. you've seen their home, their children and heard their hearts.... only to realize you've never actually NEVER met the person? Ok, ok this sound slightly "stalkerish".

Not my intention. Let me explain...

I regularly read four blogs.

The first blog I read was the Naptime Decorator. Liz, the author of this blog is a mother of three who loves crafting, yard sales, bargains, her family and, last but not least, God. On Tuesday she shared about her recent health journey. Her testimony is amazing!

He & I is a blog written by a momma (that is the same age as me) of an ADORABLE little girl. She is a graphic designer as well. I love her creativity, positive outlook and her sense of humor!

The third blog I read is Lauren Elizabeth. I am new to this style and beauty blog, I found it from her sister Kate's blog, the Small Things Blog. Kate's blog is popular from her hair tutorials that have BLOWN up pinterest...

Which brings me back to my initial comments, Kate had a c-section today. I have been praying for her, her husband and their new little boy.

(No I have never met her. Would I like to? absolutely!)

anyways.... I have been praying with this woman, who I've never met. But feeling as if I am sitting in the waiting room, anticipating my first glimpse of her precious new son!

Balancing the content you share with readers on a blog and your personal life can be tricky, and there are alot of things you shouldn't share out of concern for safety alone! "Mom blogs" receive so much advice... which is not always friendly. But I am so thankful for the blogs that I read and for their authors who put up with no-so-friendly comments. I don't know the women behind the blogger accounts personally, but through the things they share, I am able to pray for them and with them as they deal with health issues, babies and LIFE in general!

I guess what I am trying to say is that I want THIS blog to be a place where I can share my life, my thoughts, dreams, struggles and passions with you. Not just for you to see what I did last week, but to encourage you in your walk with God, to give support as we journey the motherhood, and to inspire you as you make your house a home. 

I encourage you to check out the blogs I listed above (after you read mine, of course ;)

If you have a blog, I would love to read it, too! Leave a comment with the address!

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