Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Finger Foods for Babies!

We have begun the adventure of finger foods! Boy, let me tell ya, it is nice to have James busy so I can enjoy a hot meal again! I thought I would share a few foods he loves and a few we are going to be trying!

I boiled little pieces of squash and then melted some butter on them, James (and his daddy!) both enjoyed it. Although it was a little slippery for his tiny fingers.

Green Beans
James HATES baby food green bean puree. hates. The look he gave his Grandma Eilene (complete horror and disgust) was the end of that. Fresh beans, however, are a favorite! Either organic canned beans warmed up and cut into baby bite sized pieces or fresh string beans steamed, sauteed or boiled till they are soft work great! 

Freeze Dried Apples
These are a favorite of both James and me! I picked up a box at walmart (they are in the snack section of the grocery dept. near the prunes, raisins and other dried fruit. These are nice because I can tear them up into little pieces without getting my hands covered in fruit juices, James can easily pick up the dry pieces and then once safely in his mouth he can enjoy their delicious, juicy flavor!

For him to easily eat bananas, I use whole grain infant oatmeal cereal. After slicing the banana up into "James sized" pieces, I toss them in the fine oatmeal. It coats the sticky fruit with a powder layer that lets him pick them up! Brilliant! 

James loves avocado, simply slice and serve. He did pretty well getting it into his mouth and seemed to enjoy the challenge of the slippery green squares.. but I might consider tossing these in crumbs of some sort, too!

That is all we have done so far, but next on the list are black beans, cheese and pasta! MMMM! Let the fun begin!! :)

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