Friday, January 10, 2014

High five for Friday!

Hip-hip hooray! It's Friday! This week has been a little 'off' for us. I was working the majority of the week, while jimmy hung out around the house with James!

A few highlights from this week:

 James started crawling! Say whhaat!? I can't believe the little dude has learned to cruise around so quickly! All it took was an Ellendale Bakery doughnut! (who wouldn't crawl for one of those??!) It's a daily occasion to sit him down, turn around to grab something, only to turn back around to an empty spot on the floor where we left the child. This is followed by a fast heartrate and nerve-wracking game of hide and seek. James favorite places to escape to are the bathroom, our bedroom and to the tv cable In the corner-Little stinker! Here are some photos of his shenanigans for your enjoyment! 

 I rearranged the kitchen! (Is that possible?) anyways I moved around a few things to gain a bit more counter space. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the microwave in the "dining room"... We will see how Long it lasts! (please excuse the sub-par photos...)

I went from being an administrative assistant at work to being the Assistant Director of Distance Education. I'm pretty excited for the coming semester and for my new team! I'm thankful for a job I love!  I also got a new office, I'm moving In today!!

 James fought off his upper respiratory infection like a champ.... Only to get strep! He's doing well! I am thankful for antibiotics and praying that jimmy and I stay healthy, especially since he starts school next Wednesday! 

That's all that been going on around these parts! Have a wonderful weekend. 

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