Monday, January 20, 2014

Cooped Up far too long!

James and I got outside for our first walk of twenty-fourteen!
A few walk facts:
It was 34 degrees outside.
I ran over a pile of dog poop with the stroller.
The stroller lives in the back of our Pilot for easy access.
I had to scrape the poop off the stroller wheel with my shoe so that I could put it back in the car.
     **yes I tried rolling through snow, slush and puddles.. It was stuck on there good.
I then had to scrape the poop off one of my favorite sneakers
     **meanwhile James is sitting safely in his car seat, screaming.
The stroller wouldn't fold up.
I threw it across the parking lot.
     **I kid.
The stroller finally folded and we went home. 

All in all it was a nice walk. We only walked about a quarter of a mile, around the city's South Park. Through the slush. But boy, lemme tell ya, the fresh air felt GREAT and we were both refreshed! Now back to our cave for the freezing windchill today! Happy Winter!

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