Sunday, March 2, 2014

Teething Bumper Tutorial

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been a little on the quite side lately. Life. Is. Crazy. I feel like this happens regularly; every month and a half or so I go a week or two without a moment to write. Anywho, I am back, just in time for the two busiest months since we got married. That's right, it's going to be a wild ride! As I said we are in the process of interviewing with churches looking for our new home! (Yippie!) Which will take us to Wyoming in the near future. We will be headed to the North Dakota District Council for the Assemblies of God for meetings, a luncheon I am super excited for and for the credentialing ceremony where my man OFFICIALLY becomes a pastor (SO PROUD OF HIM!). Aside from that, I am hoping to enroll James and I in a swimming class for infants at the Y, blog like crazy and enjoy some warm weather (please! please! please!). Toss in packing to move, all three of our birthdays, graduation and lots of family coming to visit and there you have it! Oh, and don't forget work and school and the dishes, too! :)

Needless to say- I should have some fun photo ops and great stories to share, right?

Back to the title of this post.. James decided it would be fun to gnaw on his crib rail. mmmm! I have seen these online before but thought there were one of those "ridiculous, who uses those, why on earth, not wasting my money or time" items.

Wrong was I!

So for all of you wanna-be crafters that can't quite sew in a straight line- this is for you. My corners aren't perfect. My stitches are crooked and what is a seam allowance?

Enjoy! and I hope it makes sense!!

This is what we woke up to:

yea. 'nuff of THAT!

You might remember the crib skirt I made, you can see it here. The pattern I used was supposed to simply be cut off as you lower the crib mattress, I couldn't bring myself to just chop off my hard work and toss it. So it has been sitting int he closet for a few months waiting for a new project.

The front length of fabric from the skirt was nearly the perfect length for the new bumper!
The bumper measures 48" x 7.5" when finished.

The ties are 8 ribbon lengths of 7 inches. 

You will need batting and fabric, measured to fit the front rail of your crib.
straight pins.
sewing machine.
56 inches of a coordinating color ribbon for ties.

I roughly cut the batting to fit the fabric (the initial fabric cut was about 50"x 9", allowing for seams)

I pinned and measured to get the bumper to the right size...

Before pinning on the ribbon ties, I took the bumper into the nursery and made sure the ties were in gaps so they would tie straight!

All pinned!

Please don't copy my corners, I just pin and cut till it lays flat. (thank you inexperience!)

sew sew sew!

**enter James**
I sewed really fast for moment as my "helper" decided to squeeze the pedal!.. Thankfully there were no fingers in the way! haha!

So basically all you gotta do is sew a square, be sure to to back and forth over the ribbons so they are sewn on securely!

 And Viola! you've got yourself a perfectly coordinated teething bumper, just in time for his nap! 

This is my first tutorial, so please comment with any questions or if I have left out any major points! 

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