Saturday, June 21, 2014

House Tour: Before you enter

The long awaited and anticipated house tour has begun!

I decided it just makes sense to start as you pull into our drive way. Our current Home sweet home  Rental sweet Rental is a duplex. It doesn't feel or even really look like one, since we are on a corner lot, and our home and our neighbors home enter from different streets. 

I fell in love with the teal-y color that the outside is painted the moment we pulled up to check out the property. After moving in, we realized that on the side where the house doesn't get much sun, the pain is GREEN. and I mean G.R.E.E.N. I've never been so thankful for sun fading, ha! 

I know you just want photos, so here they are. They aren't too exciting, but I sure do love our little patio and our wonderful yard! 

Isn't our matching dog house the cutest? Jimmy did an awesome job with it, trim and all! (come on sun fading!)

I got the yellow pillows at Target, they are Room Essentials brand. They have had a home in our bedroom, living room, and now, the porch! Think they add a fun pop of color and look great with my flower pot from Walmart.  

cute boy playing in his yard!

This patio set is also from walmart, you can find it here.

Well, thats it! The exterior of our wonderful home! 


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