Saturday, August 31, 2013

Update on Life and ramblings...

I sit on the couch in the peace and quiet as my baby sleeps and my husband is out hunting with "the guys"... It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks, to say the least! I have alot of things planned to blog about so I thought I would plant some sees and get everyone excited! I really hope to build my audience as I write daily. I started off my day yard saling with James. We went to at LEAST ten sales and at the LAST one I found two mesh feeders for him.. thats it! I also came across a shelf I immediately fell in love with, until I noticed it was broken and the owners were "Firm" on all of their prices. Sorry, but I can't pay $15 for a nasty, dirty, broken shelf. I would have had to put double that into it just to show it off in my kitchen! ha! Who doesn't make deals at a yard sale? Apparently there was some emotional attachment to that green shelf. :)

I rearranged our dining room tonight. How do you rearrange a dining room? Well, since you asked, you throw a rug from the entry under the table that now sits where the desk used to stand. Following that, you change up the place mats & center piece. Viola! A whole new space! (Picture posted on Instagram! Follow me: PTOLLE !!!

I bought some curlers today... I think I might give em' a whirl for church tomorrow! :) 

I also made a cake stand and painted it yellow.... Now I can't find it a home...because it is yellow :/ ha! 

Anyways! I hope you all are enjoying your evening, we will be having a yard sale in a few weeks, so our weekend is going to be mostly dedicated to preparing for THAT! Tuesday is James' 4 month appt and I think we are going to make a day of it since we will be working hard to clean out our storage unit tomorrow! 

Have a wonderful, safe, relaxing Labor day! And keep your eyes peeled for some updated Tolle House pictures, I just LOVE being home!


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