Sunday, February 2, 2014

Social Media in Ministry

The time has come: my very FIRST guest blogger! Hip, Hip! Hooray! With out a fancy introduction or any further hesitation, I hand over the key board to my other half:

Well I suppose I better introduce myself before just jumping in on this blog. I’m Jimmy Tolle, the husband of the beautiful and talented author of this Blog. My wife has graciously agreed to allow me to post on her blog, partially due to having a multimedia in ministry class that requires me to post on a blog, but also as something I have wanted to do anyway; to share some of my thoughts.

As anyone who has been following this blog knows, we are called into full time ministry. This blog post is going to be focused on the use, good and bad, about multimedia in ministry. We 
can all agree that everywhere we look we see multimedia, its part of our culture and it is never going away. So how can a pastor/Christian successfully use multimedia, or should they use it? I think any pastor who doesn’t take advantage of multimedia is missing out on a tool.  In this post, I’m going to be focused mostly on the use of the internet, and with that things like social media outlets like Facebook, podcasts of sermons and blog posts, the list just goes on. Today nearly everyone uses multimedia to some extent or another. So as a pastor why wouldn’t we want to use multimedia as a tool? The fact is we could probably go evangelize everyday for a month, and we probably wouldn’t reach as many people that we could on a day’s work of well placed multimedia post. 

The world is changing, and people are changing. Do I think people should spend every wakening hour online? Of course not! Do I think ministry should change with the times? The answer is of course! If we don’t change with the times, than that is just foolish.Simple thought, maybe you don’t have confidence to go out on the street and evangelize. However; how easy is it for you to simply post a Bible verse, or some thoughts about your faith on Facebook. How many people will see that? Is that evangelism? I think it is. On another thought, just like it can be used for good, it can also be used negatively. You have to remember that once something is posted online, it nearly impossible to get it back. So with that, we need to be thinking about what people will be thinking about something we post. A simple non-Christian statement can cause everyone to consider you a hypocrite when you post something about Christ. So we must be smart, and give some thought to what we post. 

These are just few of my thoughts of multimedia in ministry. Over the next couple months I will be posting some thoughts for my class, but my wife has given me permission to be a guest blogger on other topics whenever I want! There are some to other things I would like to share that going on in my heart, so stay tuned. God Bless and thanks for reading! 

Isn't he awesome? While this was more of an introductory post, I am excited for you all to hear his voice & his passion in the coming months and years! My hope and prayer (as I have previously mentioned) is that you all grow in your relationship with Christ, your husband and your family as we do life together! I want this to be a community, a place where we can talk about style, home making and marriage, but also get real about God, ministry and the bigger things in life. I hope I encourage each of you, and I am certain that my husbands touch will bless you as well! Have a wonderful week!!

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