Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to use essential oils everyday!

For months my trial pack of essential oils (consisting of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint) sat in a basket, unopened, gathering layer after layer of dust.

Then my husband got a sun burn. 


My mind immediately went to an aloe vera rub, which we didn't have. Then, lightbulb, I have Lavender! I was still a skeptic, to say the least. (My mom, a die hard) So in an effort to both comfort my hot husband (pun entirely intended) and conduct a little experiment, I had him extend both arms, one I put lavender on, the other I left alone. Within minutes, MINUTES PEOPLE!! the arm we had put the lavender on was back to normal. No redness, No burning. And the opposite arm was still crispy!


Imagine with me, You have a killer headache. It has been lingering all afternoon and you just need the pain gone to take care of the house and get dinner prepared. What do you do? 

If I would have been asked this question a year ago, my answer would have been simple. Ibuprofen, Tylenol or Excedrine! NO LONGER. 

Our first response to headaches is peppermint oil. It is not only natural, but works FASTER than drugs! #forthewin


The first oil I ever used was Wild Orange. I received it as a gift at the first DoTERRA class I attended. I love to clean my house with this oil! I fill the sink with hot water, a splash of vinegar, two drop of lemon OR Orange and a little Melaleuca. 

My absolute favorite part about mopping my floors with this? I can mop with James by my side. His pacifier can fall on the floor immediately after I scrub it and I don't have to fret about the chemicals he will potentially ingest. 


I don't have acne. I never did. But when I get a pimple, BOY HOWDY,  do I GET ONE. I used to use the acne solution by Clinique, but lately, we just dab a bit of Meleleuca on the trouble spot and off we go! 


Aside from those uses, we also diffuse oils while we rest in the evenings (usually Lavender or OnGuard). Lavender to relax the babe before bed and OnGuard to protect us from all of the germs we came into contact with during our day.


We gargle Lemon oil drops in a glass of warm water & swallow three drinks to calm a sore throat.


I use peppermint to ease my Sciatica pain. My first experience with sciatica was when I was 3 months pregnant, and it still flares up on occasion. When it does, I use a heating pad and peppermint oil. I kid you not, it works faster and longer than any pain meds!

The uses are ENDLESS, this is just a short list of a few ways we use them in our home!

I hope this post and my simple seven examples showed you a few ways to use oils in your everyday life! They have made a huge difference in how I use out medicine cabinet. Please leave me a comment with how YOU use oils! :) I would love to hear! And if you are interested in trying out some oils, click on the ad on the right to visit my mom' DoTERRA website! She would love to chat with you!

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