Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Style

I have found a new love: JCPennys. I have recently purchased 2 skirts (costing over $100 total) for less than $10. Seriously, they had a $1.97 rack yesterday, people! 

Now, go hop in your car and cruise on over to your local JCP and stock up. Then, come back and finish this post! :) 

I have been in search of a cute, modest, professional, stylish, kid friendly outfit to wear to Jimmy's credentialing interview and ceremony. Boy oh boy! Why didn't anyone tell me about the versatility and classic look of the pencil skirt? I am in love! 

I am testing out one of my outfit choices for church today...

breastfeeding friendly? Check!
Pop of color? Check!
Comfortable? Check!
Stylish? Check!
Modest? Check!

I think this is a winner... 

and a blooper for you- it was FREEZING out there!

Skirt-Worthington | JCPennys
Shirt- Mossimo black scoop neck |Target
Scarf- Old Navy
Sweater- WetSeal
Shoes- HotKiss

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