Saturday, February 15, 2014

UPDATE : we're a little fruity...

I spent the afternoon with this little love bug... we didn't do much of anything out of the ordinary. We played with blocks, he nursed and we went for a walk! 

We are beyond ready for spring!

he's quite the explorer these days...

and I just love his handsome smile, decorated with five teethe!

I was so lucky to spend the evening with my true valentine!

We sipped pomegranate  cherry juice from the same glasses we used at our wedding; adorned with strawberry hearts!

I had a DIY fondue set! 

we answered 100 questions and chatted for over an hour.

**You can find the list of questions here!**

I drew this card for Jimmy. hehe!

we did not stray from our diet (aside from the chocolate dip, but the fruit cancels that out, right??)

we finished the night watching The Butler! it was wonderful!

8 oz heavy whipping cream brought to a slight boil, 1 bag of chocolate chips, stir continuously.

Strawberry & Raspberry: 
I blended about 1 cup raspberries and one cup strawberries (Both from the freezer section, thawed.) 

After the berries are all pureed. Pour the mixture into a sauce pan and turn on medium heat, stir regularly!

 In a separate bowl mix a few Tbs water with some cornstarch (I honestly don't know how much of either, but just enough so that the cornstarch dissolves) 

Once the berry mixture is hot, slowly add cornstarch mixture, stirring continuously, until it reaches your desired thickness. I also added a tiny bit of sugar because it was REALLY bitter! 

Happy Valentines Day! 

Printables (invitation and place cards) from The Dating Divas.

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  1. Love your Valentines night! Where did you get your questions? That sounds fun! Also what was the other sauce you had in your fondue?