Friday, May 9, 2014

High five for Friday!

Well, we made it! Jimmy graduated from TBC with his bachelors in Christian leadership pastoral & youth, biblical studies and a minor is psychology and counseling! So so proud of him! 

We arrived in wyoming at our new home, errr ... home for the next week while we wait to move into our real home, on Monday! 

We picked up the newest member of the Tolle house on our way here, we now have a sweet, 7 week old yellow/red lab, Dakotah. 

We got keys to our church! That's pretty exciting! 

We aquired two la-z-boys, gifted to us! Since our entire house is still packed up (waiting to move to our real home) we are more than thankful to be relaxing in chairs tonight and not on an air matress! Haha! 

Tonight we had pizza and are watching the back to the future trilogy! Loving some family r&r these days! 

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