Saturday, May 10, 2014

From here

I must confess, I am writing this post from here, chin deep in a bubble bath, indulging in some "Mother's Day chocolate"... Bliss. 

From here I enjoy listening to the sounds of my son & husband playing with blocks.

Today we went to our church to check out worship practice for the morning service, from here I am blessed with the sounds of hymns being sung from the lips of our new congregation members.

This morning we stopping in the local fly shop where my husband picked up his graduation gift- a new fly rod, from here I watch the smile beam across his face, thankful to be back to the mountainous wilderness. 

This evening we went for a drive into the mountains. From there, you ask? From there I watched herds I elk roam about, mulies hop fences and my husband gaze upon the beautiful creation from God that we get the privileged to call our new home. 

From here, I am blessed. I am exited. I am home.

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