Friday, January 2, 2015

High Five For Friday!

High Five, It's Friday! 

 ...and these are the top five events of my week:

My Dining room is complete!

I chose fabric for Harper's Nursery!

We painted the lower cabinets in the kitchen blue, which I have ALWAYS wanted to do!

Not so much a "high five" but one of the top events of my week, main street in our little town caught fire... no injuries, quite a few business losses, but Dubois will survive! Thankful it wasn't any worse then it was!!

and number 5.... I get TV today! woo hoo! we haven't had TV since we moved here (about 8 months ago). We also have never had satellite television, so I think you can all imagine what we might be doing this weekend...... :) 

What were the top 5 events of your week??

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