Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dining Room Reveal

Good Morning! As I write this, my husband is removing all of the hardware from the cabinets we are about to paint... but thats another post for another day ;)

The house we just moved into is our church's parsonage. When we moved to Dubois, it had tenants mid lease so we rented for a while before moving in here. The house was functioning as a children's center (preschool and daycare). I know what damage ONE little boy can do, much less a whole bunch of little kiddos, so as you can imagine there was quite a bit of sprucing up to do! One of the biggest things was that the dining room had carpet in it. 

If you have a toddler, you know what the floor looks like after any given meal. food. everywhere. Don't even get me started on the adjustment of learning how to use utensils.... 

This was what the dining room looked like when the day care was still here:

Sorry its not the best photo! But take note of the carpet, the sweet 70's light fixture and the awkward carpet/different carpet/linoleum combo at the breakfast bar, OH and the killer curtain rods.. every room people, they were in EVERY ROOM. And last, the child gate around the (then unused wood stove & surround).

We first painted the walls, the wall straight back in the above photo is Sky High by Sherwin Williams  color match at home depot (1/3 the PRICE!!!) and the rest is just an off white we grabbed at Home Depot. 

Christmas morning, after stockings, gifts and breakfast we* got to work.

*My Husband and Father in law

They tore up all the carpet, and got the underlayment down

Next was flooring! Let me tell you, I have always loved Home Depot, but after this experience they are TOP NOTCH in my book. During our 3.5 hour visit on black friday the associates were SO helpful and really had our best interest in mind. We really appreciated them and their insight as we embarked on this crazy home-reno adventure!!

The flooring we chose was Kingston Peak Hickory 

It is wonderful!!

Merry Christmas to us! our floors (dining room, kitchen and entry) were all done by dinner time on Christmas day!

Once the floors were complete, Jimmy put down the trim and boom! it was done! 

CHECK OUT THAT NEW LIGHT FIXTURE!!!!!!!!! BOO YAH! so. much. better. 

And the new stove safety gate! A good friend up in Montana made it for us! We love it. Its sturdy (bolted to walls and floor) and makes the stove look so much cleaner! We have only had two fires so far this year, but more are to come and I am happy knowing a certain little boy cant climb up the stove.... ha!

Jimmy got me the runner for Christmas, so far it had lived in the entry hall, kitchen and now here. I like this location because our poor dogs crash nearly every time they round the corner and this gives them some traction :) 

I just love the flow from room to room now that it has consistent flooring throughout. 

Oh, hey Moses!

Click on the links below to check out the newer pieces in the room! 

I absolutely love how this room has turned out, and I ADORE the natural light that this house has! 

You might recognize the desk.. It used to be red. I love having it in the dining room because it serves as a great buffet when company comes over, provides storage for.. well 7 junk drawers worth of stuff... and It also gives me a place to edit photos, blog and such all while still keeping an eye on James! 

Just for fun, I want to post the "Before" and "After" shots next to each other!

Well, I think thats it! I hope this inspires you in some way! :) 

Happy New year!

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