Wednesday, August 12, 2015


These two photos are so precious to me.

The first bath is monumental. I am not sure if it is similar in each case, but in ours it meant that baby was healthy and ready for their first "fun" event.. not eating, being poked or having their temperature monitored... it meant they could soon wear a cute outfit instead of the routine pink & blue striped hat, diaper and white receiving blanket. 

It  meant their first hair scrubbing and the first glimpse of what their little locks truly looked like not "caked down" from yesterdays "festivities" 

I am always so excited to hold their clean little, good smelling comb-over selves! 

Who's Who?




yep, James LOVED his first bath! He nearly fell asleep as the nurse combed out his hair, he smiled and laid still as she scrubbed him up.

Enter the princess.

Harper HATED it. She Screamed. She did not want her hair washed. She did not want uncovered.. bless her heart she needed it done.

Thankfully, as soon as we got home, both kiddos have always loved bathtime & bubbles.. and I still love the smell of my nice clean babies!


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