Thursday, December 8, 2016

This again?

Hey fabulous readers! 

If you are are actually reading this, color me impressed! I feel like all I have written since we moved to Wyoming is post after post of "I'm sorry I don't write consistently, I will do better" ...only to find myself having not even accessed my account in 16 MONTHS. 

.....guys... SIXTEEN MONTHS. 

I refused to feel defeated though. 

I never imagined the "business" we would experience here, and I know that both my time and energy being poured into my family and our church are well spent and that my priorities are where they currently need to be! 

All of that being said, I do miss writing. I do miss my creative outlets. I recently dipped my toes back into my photography. And I sure missed it. 

It is interesting, though. Before, I was ok working multiple days doing photography and also working another part time job. And I have discovered NOW that I am satisfied scheduling one shoot a week. One session, plus a couple hours of time preparing for the shoot and processing images, is just enough time to let me feel productive and creative. It is my balance. It is my kids not being ignored and my body not feeling exhausted. I am thankful for the opportunity to pick back up right where I left off, and be successful.

I feel like I often say "I am Thankful"... and its because I AM! 

I am thankful for this wonderful community we live in.
I am thankful for my little family.
I am thankful for our church family.
I am thankful for new friends.
I am thankful for leggings.
I am thankful for cozy fires and snuggles with my babies.
I am thankful for my husband.
I am thankful for my Savior!

While I have disappeared from the blog world, I have gotten involved in so many other things! My new goal, is to post on here two times per week! Twice seems like nothing, but then I think of the other things I am doing that need my time and brain power, too. And posting twice a week seems like another area of balance for me. 

James is 3 years and eight months old and Harper is 22 months old. They are becoming more independent which gives me a little more freedom.  Freedom to plan, freedom to write...

Freedom to be PAIGE. 

All of this being said, I feel like I am at a turning point for my blog. I don't feel the goal is my photography. And while I love beauty blogs, I don't think thats the area I want to dive into... so lifestyle it is, I guess! 

I plan to write about kids. About Babywise. About Marriage. About Ministry. About homemaking. About decorating and crafts....and about the silly thoughts rolling around in this brain of mine! Is there anything YOU want to ask? Anything you want me to write about? What will make you keep coming back?

I will leave you with a couple photos. because, why not?

Love you all. 
Thankful for YOU.