Friday, February 14, 2014

High Five for Friday!

1. I got a trim and added bangs to my new do! I usually cut bangs in once a year and then let them grow out!

2. James also got two hair cuts. One on sunday morning before church and one sunday night in the tub because he was wiggly and tired the first go around and needed touched up!

3. We are officially looking at a position in Wyoming as senior pastors and we are in the process of planning a trip out that way next month! our first family "vacation".

4. James had his first case of "i'm so tired i'm just going to sleep right here right now!" it was presh.

5. Tonight is valentines day and I have a fondue party planned for the hubs and I! I am VERY excited!! you can find the awesome printables here.

how was your week??

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