Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Morning Thoughts over Coffee

As I sit here sipping my coffee, tossing thoughts about our future back and forth in my head, I am burdened. Burdened with worry. I look to Luke chapter 12 and am finding peace.

Let me back up...

As you all know from this post we are currently in search of a church to pastor. To say this is a difficult decision would be an understatement. I thought it was going to be SO FUN.. FALSE I sit worrying about HOUSING?!
seriously? Of all the things I could use my time doing, this is NOT what I want to be stuck on!

I believe God will give both Jimmy and I a sense of peace when the right church comes up. I believe He will open doors that need to be opened and firmly shut the ones we should not enter. But Currently? Currently I could not feel farther from peace...

As a mom, as a wife, as a human I can't help but think where will we LIVE? The current town we are considering is my husbands dream. It would so perfectly fit his passions. I know he could flourish as a pastor in this little town.

so why are my heels dug in?

Shouldn't I feel the same way?


Is it because there are NO rental listings for homes to be found on the internet? (seriously, none whatsoever.)

Jesus says in chapter 12 of the book of Luke, "DO NOT worry about your life." Don't worry about what you will eat, don't worry about what you will wear. "Life is more than food and the body is more than clothing."

Oh such sweet words. Words I need to embrace. If this is where God wants us, we will have a home. We will have ALL of our needs met and be blessed beyond measure for following our calling and living within His will for our lives.

So, to all you worrying moms out there, STOP.
I need to stop, right now.

Everything about this place screams our names, yet here I sit, worrying about things that God has had under control since long before the thoughts popped into my little brain.

This post is in no way a commitment to said community, but my expression and declaration to be open minded and trust that God will both provide for our EVERY need and fill me with a peace beyond understanding, a peace only the Mighty Creator can provide.

I am excited to visit this community and to hopefully see our potential new home (literally) and to see what doors God opens for our little family!

What is your "housing" on this Wednesday morning? Give it to God and get on with the greater things this day has to offer, because worrying is NOT one of them!

Lord, I pray that You will allow me to break free from this burden of worry that has overtaken me. I pray that You will open my eyes to the need in this community. If this is where we go from here, I pray that I have the strength to trust, embrace and grow with the calling you have placed on our hearts and lives!


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