Saturday, January 17, 2015

7 Week Organizational Challenge : Week One Recap

Good Saturday Morning! 
I have been working overtime this week in an effort to encourage YOU that it can be done! From now on, I will be a week ahead of each of you. This will provide photo proof that the tasks can be completed and give you some ideas of how to do it! (that's my hope anyways!)

So as week one, the master bedroom, comes to a close, here is my progress! It was quite the task seeing as this room has been totally ignored since we moved in. It was the catch all, the place no one else saw and so I kept telling myself it didn't need painted, or organized; that it didn't matter. Man oh man! what a difference having a completed, organized, relaxing bedroom makes! 

Jimmy insisted that we should paint it and complete it, just as we have the rest of the mail level of our home. I cannot take all the credit for this room, because he worked VERY hard to get it al ready for me to organize and decorate, and I appreciate his work VERY much! 

This was our room when the day care was still here:

The single light on the wall was the ONLY lighting in the room. It was SO dark.

I kid you not, this is what our room has looked like since we moved in... 

I'm embarrassed as I type... 

That heater, ugh... pain in the behind! It is radiant heat, which I can live with, but this thing was SO inconsistent! We woke up multiple nights with it being 79+ degrees in our room.  And if I turned it off, it took a full 24 hours to not be hot to the touch.  Bye Bye heater! 

Here is my mirror propped up on an [unpacked] suitcase, and our disasters of closets.

Our headboard was too big for this room without some adjustments, so for now we don't have one. I hate that. I have a plan of what I am going to do, but am searching for JUST the right item..

For some reason I had myself convinced that our bed could NOT go under the window (where the heater used to be) but upon my husband thinking otherwise, we tried it and I love it! 

Mid closet clean out! 

hard at work...

And boy did that hard work pay off! Check out our FINISHED (aside from the future headboard) Master bedroom! 

I just want to go curl up on my bed as I look at these pictures! I am in love! 

I really like the accent wall behind the bed.

I took to heart what the January calendar says about getting rid of anything you don't find useful or beautiful. 

The basket on top of my dresser hold those misc. things that collect and make your dresser look messy. (heating pad, change jar, chapstick etc.)

Jimmy's dresser houses some photos and my jewelry box and my neckless & earring organizer hang above it. 

Don't our closets look so much better? 

Lets take a peek inside! :D

Focusing on the "A, B &C" zones really helped me to organize the closets! 
Now jimmy's Tshirts and Flannels are easy to access, dress shirts a lower, still easy for sunday mornings and the misc. stuff and my skirt hangers are on the other side!

Here is my side before...

And after! I have my boxes of special things i've collected over the year and my heels up top, pants on the left, and all my shirts organized by style/ sleeve length. and then my boots and shoes are below!

All clean! All organized! :) 


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