Friday, January 16, 2015

Scarf Organization

My scarf collection has always been an organizational issue for me:

I have tried the "shower curtain rings on the hanger" trick and it failed, they always slid to one side or another and the mass of scarves I own made for a VERY bulky hanger in the closet.

My next attempt was a scarf hanger made of a bunch of little circles for each scarf to rest in. Aside from the same issue of bulk, it also snagged some of my scarves and was just a pain. 

So I always settle for them all over the house, on our door, in the closet, in my dress, on the entry way hooks, in the car, on the counter. basically where ever they land is where they live. 

It's a pain! 

Until I found THIS:


I am pretty sure its a rack for thread, but when I saw it , it just screamed SCARF ORGANIZATION!! So I mounted it on the wall behind our bedroom door, And in a matter of minutes, my scarves went from this:

To this! 

Now we can access the other necessities on the door rack (belts, tanks, etc.)
And I can easily see all my scarves and easily access them! 

I'm not positive, but I would venture to say I will wear a bigger variety of my scarves now too, since they are easier to get to and not piled on top of one another! 

So, if you are like me and have a growing scarf collection scarf addiction, keep you eyes peeled for one of these thread racks! 


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