Monday, January 19, 2015

Organizational challenge: The Kitchen

Welcome to week number two! How did everyone survive week one? I haven't seen any photos.. If you are embarking on the challenge with me, I'de love to see your progress!

Let's take a peek in what I've done to our kitchen.

Aside from the remodel (I am going to cover that in a different post), I did re organize my cupboards.
My cupboard space nearly doubled from the house we used to live in, it is nice to have some that look "empty" simple because they don't HAVE to be full!

These are the shelves on either side of the kitchen sink:

It took a little convincing to get Jimmy to go along with the open shelving concept, (and painting the insides was a PAIN) but I LOVE it! and I am so thankful that I stuck to my guns! Unloading the dishwasher is a breeze. I can see everything, and I enjoy the look of them, our eclectic stash of pickle jar glasses, wedding glasses and coffee cups!

Above, you see the Dishwasher and the stuff I keep near it is basically all "A" items, but more specifically A items are on the lowest shelf, B in the middle and C Items up high. This seriously makes unloading the dishwasher complete in a FLASH! 

Then there is our coffee station:

I have my cute "T" cups and our leaky tea pot up high ("C" Items), the coffee, tea and mugs on the middle shelf ("B" Items), and the K-cups, straws and sugar on the lower shelf which are our everyday "a" items! 

The Keurig is  below, along with my Scentsy. I keep the glass pitcher full of water to eliminate having to move the reservoir every time it runs out; plus - the pitcher was a "C" item, that I loved, and now has become an "A" item! 

Some of you might remember me complaining via facebook about how hard it was to make the sippy cups look pretty on my open shelves... I wasn't liking more baskets and they obviously couldn't sit out... so they live in one of three places: James' hand, the dishwasher or the dishdrainer. it is what it is, and we always have access to them! 

just keepin' it real!

I keep hand soap and some lotion by the sink, too! 

The lower cabinets on this half of the kitchen look something like this:

Animal things & Cleaners

Vases, lightbulbs, fire extinguisher

Trashbags & dishwasher soap!

The drawers look like this:

James' "parental guidance needed" activities & Apron

Dish towels and rags ( I really miss the big, deep drawer I had for towels at the old house)

and... the junk drawer. :)

Lets look at the other half of the kitchen...

The peninsula is a gather place of EVERYTHING... I'm working on what to do about this "drop zone"...

On the counter, I've got a jar of pacifiers, the dog training spray bottle, olive oil, spices and the microwave. All A items.

The upper cupboards all have food, so I consider those "Pantry" and will address them in a later post.

The lower cabinets, however are as follows:

Griddle and tupperwear


...and pans!

And the misc. small appliances!

The drawers look something like this:

This is next to the fridge... On the fridge I have our monthly church schedule and my meal plan so I can easily see what needs to be done, on the front of the fridge I hang our family's calendar so I know who needs to be where, when! Not the prettiest system, but it works for me! (I get my calendars off of Pintrest by searching for "free printable 2015 calendar").

This little nook is just above the stove, I couldn't find a practical use for it, so its just decorative! 

 I think thats about it.. I love that nearly everything has a "HOME" when I get back from Walmart it is nice to be able just put everything in it's place! 

That's my kitchen!


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