Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bathroom Renovations

I would assume the 70's were great... but just not in my house.... in 2015. 

Welcome to our master & hall bath:

The hall bath functions as the kid bathroom, as well as guests. (we have a guest bath downstairs off of the guest room for out overnight company, but this one is on the main floor!)

My desire is for the master bath to be, like our bedroom, an oasis. A kid free, relaxing retreat.

Neither of these photos scream "Welcome to our home!" or "Day at the spa!"

We tackled the hall bath first, laying the "peel and stick" flooring over the old linoleum, we chipped off all the old tiles from the counter top and back splash, painted the walls & cabinets and hung a new light fixture. 

We did the same basic thing in the master bath, only with a different color! 

I love both spaces. If you have been keeping up at all with the process, you remember that the house served as a child care center, so you can imagine (similarly to carpet in the dining room) how the main bath faired with multiple little boys.... 

Now both spaces are clean, functional and pleasing to the eye. 

Welcome to our new master bath!

And the Hall Bath!

I think the most difficult process we encountered was the tiling process. They turned out great, but it's not a job for the faint of heart! haha. 

I think the most influential change was the lighting. Holy moley was the 70's chain lighting HORRENDOUS! 

I think my favorite piece from the renos is the corner shelving in our master bath. It adds nice storage, and we can display a few things (who knew q-tips could be so cute?!) 

As a re-cap lets check out a few comparison shots!

There you have it! 

Stay tuned for the 7 week organizational challenge post regarding how I organized the cabinets! :)


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