Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Organized Home

It is interesting to me, that the most space I have to organize, the more cluttered our home seems to be.

When we lived in ND, we lived in a tiny, 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment. It had FABULOUS closet space and ample kitchen storage, but it all reality MOST of out "not every day" things lived in the storage unit across town.

Did I care? No!

I had everything at my fingertips that I needed daily.

Then we moved to WY. At our last house (we lived here for about 6 months) I knew it was somewhat temporary, but there was no definite timeline on when I would have to pack up again. That being said, I unpacked alot, and I decorated. It felt like home. But I never gave into any sort of organizational system since tubs, baskets and time are NOT free!

Now, here we are, the beginning of a new year, in a new home that is the most permanent home I have lived in since moving out of my parents home nearly 5 years ago!

we have been here for exactly one month. I am so thankful for all of the helping hands that moved everything out of our old house and into this one, but lets face it, no one puts your things exactly where you would personally, and as you live in a house, you realize how it flows and what systems will work best for your space.

You Following? Good!

So I am challenging you to embark on a 7 Week* Organizational Challenge!

I have broken the house into different spaces for each week.

They *tentatively* look something like this:

Week 1: January 11-17 Master Bedroom
Week 2: January 18-24 Kitchen
Week 3: January 25-31 Pantry
Week 4: February 1-7 Entryway / Foyer
Week 5: February 8-14 Bathrooms / Laundry
Week 6: February 15-21 Kid's Bedrooms
Week 7: February 22-28 Dining and Living Area

I know this week is half over, and If you are anything like me, the master bedroom is a disaster zone. my plan is to (personally) get two yes, kitchen and master bedroom DONE in the next 4 days so that I can share photos of the successes and failures I encounter during the process!

So what do you need to do?

#1 - Print off the two calendars below
#2 - Gather 6 boxes, totes, bins.. (or tarps in the yard to throw stuff on if you've got as much clutter as we do...... lol!) I kid.
#3 - turn on some tunes and GET BUSY!!

"Why 6 boxes??"

WELL this is where the process comes in, you will need five boxes, for your five organizations "zones"

The process by which we are going to get this done is simple, but I promise it will get worse before it gets better, hang in there!

You are going to EMPTY the space. Thats right EMPTY it. as you clear it out, you will place each item in one of the following zones:

Zone 1: Put away (this is for all the things that end up in you bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, that belong in the kids room, playroom or basement!)

Zone 2: Throw Away (Trash)

Zone 3: Donate (Things you no longer want or use, but that someone else will find as a treasure at your local thrift store or food pantry!)

Zone 4: "A" items (Things you use every day: toothbrush, ipad, spatula)

Zone 5: "B" items (Things you use monthly: pedicure set, exercise clothes (HAHAHA!), baking supplies)

Zone 6: "C" Items (things you use rarely: Sewing machine, cake decorating supplies, foot massager)

It looks difficult, but once you get the system down, it's much nicer that a bunch of piles on your bed/counter/ floor that overflow onto each other and then you have to RE sort!

OK! that being said, here are the calendars, and some printables to help the process! GO! Don't forget to take before and after photos and share them with me on the Mama Manifesto Facebook Page!

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