Friday, January 9, 2015

Big Boy Bedroom!

I have thought long and hard about what I wanted James' "Big Boy Room" to be.
I wanted it to be coordinated.
I wanted it to be functional.
I wanted it to be organized.

Toddler rooms are difficult. And while these photos are a bit staged, the fact the the top shelf of his closet clearly is just storage is true and it is what it is! I cannot afford to hide everything that is "ugly" in baskets. I wish! 

All in all the room is coordinated, grays and navy blue throughout.
It is functional (the bed rail in collapsed for the photos), I can get to all the necessities, James can get to his toys and the room is SAFE!
And the organization is coming along, we still have a LARGE box of toys out in the garage that need to come in and be gone though, so when that happens, I may update this post, but for now; welcome to James' Big Boy Room!

Barnabas is James' bear, he goes everywhere with us because I (mom) take him. James really only has one tiny attachment to an object and that is his Thomas blankie!

The quilt at the end of his bed is his new quilt from his nana (my mother-in-law!) He doesn't use it on a nightly basis as I would still rather keep his room warmer and have less blankets in his bed. When I go into his room to help him get back to sleep, however, it is my go to!!

We keep books in this crate, James chooses a few each night before bed, they are easy to get to and easy yo pick up. I love the vintage look of the crate and think it adds some character to his room, Bonus! He has had this in his room from day one, it used to hold diapers.

Go! Go! Wheels racetrack ... Santa was good to our boy!

We found this dresser in the basement. It's old. It's metal. It's pretty awesome if you ask me!

I was shocked at the price of children's furniture... so his old rocking chair and and old side table work PERFECT for puzzle putting together!

I put these hooks at little man's level so he could hang his own coats and capes! 

We removed the closet doors in both kids room for better use of the space, I love the stage the book shelves provide and that they are James level. His clothes are so short that the bottom of the closet was just too much wasted space for me to handle!

One of my favorite things about his room is the same thing I love about our master bedroom, nothing was purchased new and together for the room as a whole. I am sure you can recognize the items from other locations in our home...

The closet book case used to be a sofa table in our living room, the dresser was found in the basement, the rocking chair was from a yard sale, the table from Jimmy's "College Furniture", the fish tank stand was in his nursery and the bed we found at a local thrift store for $25!!!

Everything comes together with a coat of paint and some fixing up :) 

I think that's about it! I love his room and I hope that it can grow with him. There are still jobs to be done, but for now, its perfect! 

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