Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 4 : Entry or Foyer

Hi All!

Sorry for my silence lately, I ended up having the opportunity to go spend some time in Las Vegas with my family last week, and jumped on a plane to the desert! It was wonderful to spend some time with my mom, aunt and great grandma!

That being said.. I did not get my pantry organized. I hope you spruced yours up a bit, even though I didn't.

And on the note of me not getting stuff done, I'de like to share my expectations for the next month! I am due on March 2nd. I plan to keep up with the challenge until then (which completes the 7 weeks) but if the baby decides to come early, the challenge will go out the window!

I imagine I will be blogging more once she arrives as I will want to share her cute little face with everyone, but we will see! :)

Ok enough house keeping, here is out entry way!

When we moved in there was a big white door on the basement steps which made it feel so tight and dark. Most people who had been in the home didn't even know the house HAD a basement! After that door was removed, we put up a swing baby gate. We got this one at WalMart and plan on staining it to match the house at some point!

We think that when the home was built, the hallway was an open entry to the living room, but we aren't positive. Now that there is doorway, however, the hall was SO dark! We wired in a new light in the ceiling and now its nice a bright! (Once I get my screen door, I can just feel the cool summer breeze sweeping down the hall!!)

I put hooks all along the wall for coats. This isn't ideal as it can easily look messy and cluttered, but we need practical and there is not front closet. I put a lower set for the kiddos and and higher set for jimmy and I. We also have some hooks in the corner that we try to keep clear for guests!

I found this old bench in the garage! I plan to paint it... but I love that James has somewhere to sit while I put his shoes and jacket on.

With the coats taking up one side of the hall, I thought a gallery wall would be fun for the opposite wall... I tossed around alot of ideas and after looking through what wall decor I had left laying around, discovered basically EVERYTHING had print on it.. it was like reading a novel just to get inside... not quite what I wanted.

At this same time, James started coloring...I know some people think "he isn't even two...its random scribbles..." but I just love them! I know, I know I'm his momma and its my job, but I want to enjoy every step and I want to encourage him! So I decided to do a "rotating gallery" this will be where I put his and eventually his sisters art. I think it's a fun way to showcase his latest work without cluttering up my fridge.

Next was figuring out HOW to do it. I like the clean lines of frames, I like the versatility for clothes pins or clips on a wires.. off it Pinterest!

The last photo seems so elegant... but would require staining, cutting, etc...

The third photo is nice and clean, but I wasn't sure I wanted THAT many on the wall, or something that permenant...

Photo two looks easy to change out pieces and could fit pieces of every shape and size, but it looks messy...

and the first photo...well it has both the clean lines of frames and the versatility of clips!

Off to the garage I go to see what we have laying around to complete the task..

I ended up having a TON of frames laying around, alot without glass, which was perfect for the project. I ended up going with photo #1's idea...

I love it! 

Jimmy got me the decal for Christmas and It greets guests immediately after they enter our home.

This room serves us well, it makes a a nice barrier to the cold air when someone opens the front door, provides jacket storage, a gallery and also give our pups somewhere to sleep! We lock them in here at night (they have a nice comfy bed hiding behind the door!) that way they can play, stretch out and still not be all over the house like the crazy puppies they are! :) 

The only things I hope to do at this point is paint the bench & figure out some shelving somewhere to keep leashes, gloves, mittens etc. But for now, its perfect and does it's job!

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