Thursday, February 5, 2015

A nursery for Miss H!

As I set out on the journey of creating a nursery for a little girl, I knew I wanted it to be feminine, but not pink everywhere you set your eyes. 

James' nursery was tan, aqua and red. The reds were in the curtains, changing table and rocking chair. If you have ever painted a changing table, you know why Miss H has red in her room, too! haha

The rocker now lives in our church nursery, but the changing table and curtains are still in our home. When I decorated James' Big Boy Room I tossed around the idea of keeping his red curtains vs. buying new ones. (We use blackout curtains in the kid's rooms, so it was just deciding which kid got the new ones.) In the end, I decided that since the changing table, which obviously goes in the nursery, is bright red, the red was going to be for Miss H, and James would get new ones! 

We were given two La-Z-Boy recliners when we moved to WY, so I put one in the nursery. I think it will be much more comfortable than the rocker was that I used when James was a bitty baby.

We hung these shelves above the changing table because baskets are no longer organized, enter two year old boy! The shelves have my books, burp clothes, headbands, diapers for both kids and extra wipes. Everything is in my reach and out of James!

If I was a better seamstress, I would tell you how I made this crib skirt, but I winged it... and it's not worth anyone every doing it the way I did! I love it, though, and all it's ruffly goodness!

I made this mobile, too. I went to our local thrift store and bought all of the coordinating bias tape, ribbon and lace I could get my hands on, as well as an embroidery ring.  I just tied them all on and cut the ends to the length I wanted. I think it turned out great, we will see if she likes it or if I end up with a store bought one that spins and plays music!

Some of you may remember this teething bumper I made for James. He gnawed the crib to slivers... so I covered it up... and then he destroyed the teething bumper, too. He tore out all of the batting I put on the back. This time around, I reused the whole thing, I just added new batting, a backing piece of fabric to keep little fingers away from the stuffing and sewed on new ties!

(Yes, the vacuum lives in the nursery.)

"Sissy's" room has become a favorite hang out...

The bins in the closet house onsies, pants, misc baby things and all the different wraps and carriers I have. 

Thats it! I adore this room. It is feminine, yet classy and vibrant! 


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